Mavericks guard Jason Kidd in an undated file photo.

Mavericks guard Jason Kidd in an undated file photo. Credit: Getty Images

Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd beat out five other players for the 2011-12 NBA Sportsmanship Award, the league announced today.

The award, according to the NBA, is given to the player that "reflects the ideals of sportmanship -- ethical behavior, fair play and integrity."

Kidd received 93 first-place votes of a possible 334. NBA players voted on the award.

Kidd was one of the six divisional finalists. The others were Shane Battier, Antawn Jamison, Luke Ridnour, Jeremy Lin and Chris Paul.

Kidd totaled 2,501 points, outdistancing Battier (69 first-place votes, 2,273 points) and Jamison (35 first-place votes, 1,954 points).

Lin was fifth in the voting. He received 45 first-place votes and finished with 1,624 points.

The NBA will donate $100,000 to the Jason Kidd Foundation. According to the NBA, the foundation is "dedicated to improving education among the youth, by ensuring that kids of all ages have the tools needed through mentoring, tutoring and tehcnology programs to succeed in life."

Kidd also received the Joe Dumars Trophy for winning the award. Dumars was the first recipient of the award in 1995-96.


1995-96: Joe Dumars
1996-97: Terrell Brandon
1997-98: Avery Johnson
1998-99: Hersey Hawkins
1999-2000: Eric Snow
2000-01: David Robinson
2001-02: Steve Smith
2002-03: Ray Allen
2003-04: P.J. Brown
2004-05: Grant Hill
2005-06: Elton Brand
2006-07: Luol Deng
2007-08: Grant Hill
2008-09: Chauncey Billups
2009-10: Grant Hill
2010-11: Stephen Curry

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