Two weeks ago, I asked readers which team was the league's fourth-best, after the Heat, Bulls and Thunder.

At this point, I think the better question would be who the league's third-best team is after the Heat and Bulls, considering how Oklahoma City has taken a step back. Plus, the Spurs didn't make the cut in this poll, with it being published just before San Antonio went on a run.

But enough with the excuses. The results!:

Atlanta Hawks - 13%
Dallas Mavericks - 0%
Denver Nuggets - 17%
Indiana Pacers - 4%
Los Angeles Clippers - 42%
Los Angeles Lakers - 8%
Philadelphia 76ers - 17%

Couple things here. First, I'm in agreement on the Clippers. They're third in the NBA power rankings this week, and my recently-revised NBA playoff predictions have them winning the West.

Second, why so much love for the Hawks, and none for the Mavs? Atlanta's record is pretty, but their resume isn't. Dallas, meanwhile, is the defending champ. A little respect!

Time for the best part of your week, now: the next poll!

This week's poll asks readers what Orlando should do with Dwight Howard: trade him now, or roll the dice and hope he re-signs. You can vote below.

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