SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A spokesman for Muhammad Ali says the former heavyweight champion is "well, happy and carrying on with his daily routine" after being treated for dehydration last month.

Spokesman Craig Bankey said in a statement released Friday that Ali was treated Nov. 19, five days after the funeral of Joe Frazier, whom he fought in three epic fights.

Bankey said Ali is home in Scottsdale.

He added that "early reports were blown out of proportion." Star magazine reported Ali had been hospitalized last month.

Jeanie Kahnke, a spokeswoman for the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, said she spoke with Ali's wife, Lonnie, by phone Friday morning and that "he was right next to her asking for breakfast and that he was doing good." Ali, who turns 70 in January, was last seen in public at Frazier's funeral.

Ali long has suffered from Parkinson's syndrome, which can be caused by taking too many blows to the head.

-- AP

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