There's still no love for Antonio Margarito.

It's been almost a year and a half since Margarito was caught with an illegal substance in his hand wraps. And it's been over a year since Margarito had his license revoked by the California State Athletic Commission. 

Margarito's hope to fight in Las Vegas this fall was dealt a big blow last Friday. Margarito applied for a license to fight with the Nevada state athletic commission. But the Nevada commission, by a vote of 4-1, tabled his application and said the former welterweight champion needs to reapply for his license in California first.

Although it wasn't what Margarito wanted to hear, his application being tabled isn't the worst thing in the world. Had the Nevada commission formally denied his application, he would've had to wait another year before he could re-apply.  

Margarito, who has staunchly denied the allegations that he knew what his former trainter Javier Capetillo put on the wraps, applied for a license in Nevada because of a pending lawsuit against the California commission. 

"I think even today they probably wouldn't give me a license and I don't think that's fair," he told after the hearing.

Margarito does have a valid point. Should he be allowed to fight again? His license was revoked for a year. He served that punishment and wisely resisted the urge to fight in Mexico while he was suspended from boxing in the United States.

Should Nevada have tabled his application and referred him to California? Margarito and his representation obviously weren't the least bit pleased with it.

"I think everybody was disappointed," Top Rank president Todd duBoef told "I think he's being victimized by red tape and a process prohibiting him from making a living.

But if Nevada is to preserve the integrity of the sport it has to honor California's decision to revoke Margarito's license. With no national governing body presiding over boxing, it's up to the state commissions to set the tone. 

Whether Califorinia's position on Margarito was fair and objective isn't the issue. Protecting the boxers is most important. Many industry experts believe Margarito has done this before.

Let's say, for agrument sake, that Margarito's attempt to use the illegal substance against Mosley was his first. Who know what damage he could've done to Mosley? That's the reason Nevada was right in its decision to table Margarito's application until California makes its ruling.


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