Former boxer and inductee Mike Tyson arrives at the Nevada...

Former boxer and inductee Mike Tyson arrives at the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame inaugural induction gala at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Aug. 10, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

On Saturday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. challenges Saul "Canelo" Alvarez for the WBA and WBC light middleweight titles in Las Vegas. It has been one of the most anticipated fights in years. Here are some predictions:

Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champ

"I've only seen Canelo fight twice -- against [Joselito] Lopez and [Austin] Trout. Trout gave him some trouble and he isn't as experienced and as technically skilled as Floyd is. Floyd stays in tip-top shape and is a very relaxed fighter. He is at his peak. It's going to be hard for anybody to beat Floyd now unless he doesn't train. Floyd has transcended the game so much that the best fighters out there now try to emulate his style. Floyd wins by a decision."

Lennox Lewis, former heavyweight champion

"Mayweather will win because of his speed and experience. He's been at this level before so that will also be an advantage. He's the best until proven otherwise. Canelo is talented, young, strong and dangerous ... makes it all the more exciting."

Bernard Hopkins, IBF light heavyweight champ

"This fight is 50/50. It can go either way. Floyd has speed and wisdom. Canelo is strong and big. This is a massive fight and the outcome will impact both of their careers in a major way."

Paulie Malignaggi, former welterweight champ

"You can't count Canelo out because he's a natural junior middleweight so he has a chance. But at the end of the day it's Mayweather winning on points."

Holt McCallany, actor who portrayed a heavyweight champion in the series "Lights Out"

"When pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather steps into the ring on September 14th he'll be facing a younger, stronger opponent in Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez. But Floyd has proven himself many times against bigger, stronger fighters. Will it be different this time? Most critics say no, but if Canelo can pressure Floyd, back him into the ropes, and rough him up in the way Miguel Cotto tried to do he could make this a close fight. Floyd is the best defensive boxer in the world, so Canelo needs to make it an ugly brawl to have a puncher's chance, a tall order for a 23-year-old fighting a legend. My prediction is a spirited Canelo comes out guns blazing in the early rounds looking to hurt Floyd, but begins to fade in the middle to late rounds as Floyd withstands the barrage. In the end it's Mayweather by unanimous decision."

Chris Algieri, undefeated junior welterweight contender from Huntington

"I'm going with skills and experience over youth and hunger. Mayweather by unanimous decision. I think it will start cautiously with Canelo having surprising success early. Then Mayweather will take over and run away with it, even beating on Canelo at times."

Zab Judah, former world champion

"Mayweather is too fast and has great timing. I just don't see Canelo hitting him. I don't see Canelo being able to do anything to Floyd."

Marcus Browne, 2012 U.S. Olympian and light heavyweight prospect

"I think Floyd wins the fight in 10 rounds because he has a huge edge in experience and he's a better all-around fighter than Canelo."

Daniel Jacobs, middleweight contender

"I think the fans will be the real winners on this whole card. I don't really like making predictions but I know that in a card of this magnitude, the fans will come out on top. All of the fighters have to be at 100 percent because if at any given second a mistake is made that might be the deciding factor in both fights."

John "Iceman" Scully, former light heavyweight contender and ESPN analyst

"I see no reason to go against Floyd Mayweather against anyone his weight. He looks pretty much the same to me as always and I expect him to come through again on Saturday."

Jose Rivera, former WBA welterweight champion

"I think Mayweather's speed, skills and experience will be the difference in the fight. Canelo, as good and strong as he is, has never been in this type of fight. Canelo, will rely on his youth and strength and that just won't be enough to get a victory over Mayweather. Hey, this is boxing, any punch landing the right way and the other fighter can get knocked down and or out. But, I see Mayweather winning a decision and showing the young kid a boxing lesson."

Marcus Henry, Newsday

"Under normal circumstances, this fight would be billed as the old versus the young. But Floyd Mayweather isn't your average 36-year-old fighter. He rarely gets touched, hasn't fought a lot in the last six years and is in tremendous condition. While Canelo Alvarez has risen quickly, and has youth on his side, Mayweather is still an all-time great fighter with a defensive game that is second to none. Mayweather will do what he usually does, make Alvarez miss and win a unanimous decision."

Bobby Cassidy, Newsday

"It's very hard to pick against Mayweather. He's the most talented boxer of this generation and clearly an all-time great. But in the history of boxing, very few men have walked away undefeated. The evidence is slowly creeping toward a Mayweather defeat. He's been getting hit more than he ever has. There is a suggestion that he will be sharper than ever because he just fought in May. But that could backfire on a 36-year-old boxer. Winning this fight will be a Herculean task for Canelo. But I think he's in the right place at the right time. He will box aggressively and pressure Mayweather for 12 rounds. He will even hurt him several times in the bout and come away with a very close, but unanimous decision. And by the way, the rematch will be even better."

Kevin Iole, Yahoo!

"Mayweather will see all of Canelo's punches and Floyd rarely gets hit by punches he sees. As long as he doesn't get caught, I think Floyd easily outboxes Canelo and wins a big decision."

Dan Rafael, ESPN

"Mayweather will be super-sharp, having just fought in May, and that's bad news for Alvarez. Mayweather wins a convincing decision after a few tough early moments."

Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press

"Floyd will benefit from the short layoff between fights. I think he will be sharper and stronger. Canelo will have trouble getting to 152 pounds, then have trouble catching Floyd all night. I see an easy unanimous decision and, of course, a huge payday for Floyd."

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