Round one: For the first three minutes the action in the ring was about as lively as the crowd of 2,100 at the Theatre... deathly quiet. In a round where each barely traded with eachother, looking for openings, edge to the champion: Calderon 10-9

Round two: Now the fight may have to start. After one and a half rounds of little action, Iribe surprised Calderon and floored him with a short right cross. Calderon quickly up however and doesn't appear effected.  In a round he was winning that had to be dissapointing. Iribe 10-8

Round three: Despite the knockdown in the second, Calderon refused to be the aggressor in the third. Iribe hunted Calderon as the action was light. Iribe 10-9

Round four: More of the same in round five. Calderon and Iribe traded here and there in the round. Highight perhaps for the rest of the fight came in an awkward situation where it appears Calderon may have been hit with a headbut yet again. With the way Iribe is fighting its lending itself to that perhaps occuring. Calderon 10-9

Round five: Action was light again, but Calderon is starting to ease into his zone picking his shots. Iribe challenged him once a corner picking him off with shots, but the smaller Calderon escaped unharmed. One of the best rounds of the night. Calderon 10-9

Round six: Iribe’s left eye is starting to swell up thanks to Calderon working it, especially his right jab. Calderon is fighting his fight, and Iribe is chasing. Calderon 10-9

Round seven: Iribe’s best round since the knockdown. Caught Calderon with some flush shots throughout. But Calderon seems fine. And both of Iribe’s eyes are closing fast now. Iribe10-9

Round eight: Calderon goes down on a slip. Not much action from there. It's anyone's fight from here on in as each fighter may be in it depending on the scorecard. But as the challenger if Iribe wants the belt he might have to hunt even harder. Calderon 10-9

Round nine: Here come the "Ole's!" for Calderon. And perhaps the fight as well. Maybe best round of the night for the champion as he stuck, moved and is out-boxing Iribe. Both of Iribe's eyes are swollen close to shut. It appears he is having trouble seeing the quick jabs, and keeping track of the speedster Calderon. Calderon 10-9

Round ten: With each swing and miss from Iribe comes another "Ole!" from the partisan-Puerto Rican crowd. Not many punches thrown in the round as Iribe is visibly growing tired. And Calderon seems content with where the fight is at. Calderon is in much better physicsal shape now. After the first portion of the fight where most of the fight had the scorecards scattered, and it was anyone's guess. it appears Calderon is taking it. Iribe might need another knockdown. Calderon 10-9

Round eleven: Championship rounds and Iribe can sense it slipping. He is attacking hard now. Calderon is on the run, and after weaving from Iribe on one encounter Iribe slipped to the ground. It enticed the first "Calderon!, Calderon!" chants from the crowd. They can sense it. It appears to be Calderon's fight to lose. But Iribe takes that round as he landed the best "somewhat" power punches. Iribe 10-9

Round twelve: Unofficially, it seems as if Calderon won the fight. He won the last round there doing what he did in the late rounds. It was classic-Calderon. And after a rough start, it won him the fight. My final card:

115-113, Calderon



Official scores as Calderon retains his WBO Flyweight Championship on a unanimous decision:

116-111, 118-109, 118, 109... all for Calderon


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