LAWRENCE, Kan. — A University of Kansas cheerleader and three members of the school’s spirit squad are suspended from cheering after a photo linking the Ku Klux Klan with President-elect Donald Trump was posted on the cheerleader’s Snapchat account.

The photo shows three members of the cheer squad wearing sweaters with “K’’ representing “Kansas” on their chests. White letters across the photo read “Kkk go trump.”

Associate athletic director Jim Marchiony says university officials learned of the posting during the men’s basketball team’s 83-63 victory over UAB.

The athletics department says a Twitter user reported the Snapchat photo to the school. A tweet from the school described what happened as “unacceptable.”

Marchiony says the female cheerleader insisted Tuesday that someone took her phone at a party Saturday night and posted the Snapchat message.

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