The Stony Brook Marching Band cheers during a school send-off...

The Stony Brook Marching Band cheers during a school send-off for the men's basketball team at Stony Brook University on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Credit: Brad Penner

It might be a bit late to get to Des Moines in time for Thursday night’s first-round NCAA games, but Stony Brook fans who are so inclined — or who happen to live closer to Iowa than to eastern Long Island — likely will find increasingly reasonable prices on the resale ticket market.

According to, which monitors a number of secondary market sites, the average asking price for the night session in Des Moines, which includes the Stony Brook-Kentucky game, was $220.07, with a low of $119, as of Thursday morning.

That is down from $243.55 and $168 Tuesday morning.

Asking prices for an all-sessions ticket in Des Moines are down by more than 50 percent since Tuesday, at an average of $555.41, and a low of $235. That would come in handy if Stony Brook upsets Kentucky and moves on to the second round.

But keep in mind that in that scenario, thousands of Kentucky fans would be looking to unload tickets for the second round, likely causing the ticket market to crash and creating excellent bargains for Seawolves fans staying until Saturday.

The average price for an all-sessions ticket for the Barclays Center NCAA games as of Thursday morning was $711.25, with a low of $206.