Jets owner Woody Johnson, left, talks with cornerback Darrelle Revis...

Jets owner Woody Johnson, left, talks with cornerback Darrelle Revis on the sidelines during practice at the Atlantic Health Training Facility. (June 13, 2012) Credit: Joe Epstein


Darrelle Revis in another uniform? Perish the thought if you're a Jets fan.

But with the All-Pro cornerback continuing to drop hints about a potential training camp holdout over his contract situation, it's a scenario Revis doesn't rule out. Even if the Jets would be crazy to consider trading possibly the best player in franchise history.

"I don't want to play for another team, but if that's where my career takes me, that's where I have to go," he said after Wednesday's minicamp practice. "I don't know what they want to do upstairs [in the front office]. It's up to them. If they trade me, I'm not going to cry and say, 'Why did you trade me?' It's the business."

The Jets aren't talking publicly about Revis' contract, but it would be ludicrous to think they'd consider dealing him. But that's not how Revis thinks.

"You never know. They traded Chad Pennington," Revis said, referring to the former Jets' quarterback, who was released in 2008 when the team traded for Brett Favre. "When your number gets called, you never know. That's how you have to look at it and go from there.

"Right now, I'm a New York Jet, and I'm here playing, and I'm trying to do the job the best way I can. If they figure one day they want to trade me, that's their decision. If they don't want my services anymore, then I just have to move on with my career."

Make no mistake: The Jets want Revis' services. But unlike two years ago, when they made it clear they wanted to re-do Revis' contract, the team has not approached him about reworking the four-year, $46-million deal he signed after a 35-day holdout.

Revis called that 2010 deal "a Band-Aid,'' implying that the team would rework it this year.

The team hasn't commented on Revis' contract, although Revis hasn't been shy about reminding people that it drops in value this year. After earning a whopping $32.5 million the first two years, he's set to earn a combined $13.5 million the next two.

As a rookie in 2007, he missed the first three weeks of camp before reporting. And now Revis is dancing around the issue of whether he'll stage a third holdout because of that financial dropoff. "We'll see when that day comes," he said.

If Revis does hold out, a clause in his contract would be triggered to make it a three-year deal worth $3 million per season. But as we've seen twice, he's not afraid to take a risk if he thinks the ultimate reward will be much higher.

"I'm looking at the business side of it," he said. "I'm not looking at it like I need to make havoc or make problems or try to come at it in that way. I want to be here."

But that doesn't mean he will be here. Revis said he hopes to have a sitdown soon with owner Woody Johnson, general manager Mike Tannenbaum and coach Rex Ryan to get more clarity about his situation. But that hasn't happened.

Johnson did chat with Revis on the sideline Wednesday, just not about money. "He was just coming to say, 'Hey, how you doing? How's everything?' " Revis said. "You can't talk about contract [on the field]. That would be unprofessional."

But at some point soon, they will talk contract. Depending on what Revis hears, he'll decide whether he'll show up at camp.

Or whether this will be another long, hot summer of distraction.

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