Shortly before the Jets traded for Browns receiver Braylon Edwards, they poked around about Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

The Broncos were willing to consider the idea, but the asking price got too high once they requested that linebacker David Harris be part of the package. The Jets then opted to deal for Edwards.

The rumor mill is starting to crank back up with Marshall, as Michael Lombardi of the NationalFootballPost said he is hearing some chatter that the Jets are still interested in the talented, yet troubled receiver.

"I keep hearing from my Jets sources that they're having internal discussions regarding Brandon Marshall and would love to put together a package of players that might entice the Broncos and still keep their first-round pick," Lombardi writes.

Because Marshall (pictured) is a restricted free agent, the Jets would have to hand over some stiff draft choice compensation. The Broncos tendered Marshall at a first-round level, although it's still possible they'd accept less than that in a trade offer. Denver seems ready to part ways with Marshall, who is one of the most prolific receivers on the field, but a troubled character off it.

In last month's trial of Willie Clark, who was convicted of murdering former Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams, Marshall's testimony indicated he was the likely target of the shooting, and that Williams was mistakenly shot instead. Marshall got into a scuffle with Clark earlier in the night at a Denver nightclub, and the altercation eventually escalated into the shooting that took Williams' life.

Marshall was also suspended by Broncos first-year coach Josh McDaniels during training camp because Marshall had acted out during practice because of what the team believed was his unhappiness about his contract situation.

There's no questioning Marshall's talent - he has had three straight 1,000-yard seasons — and at age 25 is in the prime of his career. At 6-4, 230 pounds, he has prototype size and speed to be one of the league's dominant receivers for years to come.

But the off-field issues should be a red flag for any team looking to sign Marshall, including the Jets. Rex Ryan has built a very good locker room in terms of chemistry, and there have really been no problem players for a coach who likes to bluster and puff his chest. But adding Marshall is risky in terms of that equation.

His contract is also a thorny issue. Marshall is looking for a megabucks deal, somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million a season. With Antonio Bryant and Anquan Boldin already getting deals worth $8 million a year, the price will go even higher for Marshall.

It's still uncertain whether the Jets are truly intererested in Marshall — they're not saying at this point — but they need to think long and hard about this one. Not only do they get a receiver with a volatile personality, but they also face the possibility of Edwards holding out in a contract dispute of his own.

Remember, Edwards is a restricted free agent himself, and the Jets have shown no urgency toward reworking his deal. Chances are he'd be looking for a trade of his own if the Jets were willing to break the bank in a trade for Marshall and not re-do Edwards' contract.

So we'll leave the Jets with these two words of advice when considering whether to deal for Marshall: buyer beware.

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