It has been seven months since the Jets beat the Patriots, 28-21, in the AFC divisional playoffs, but that's still not enough time for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to get over the loss.

“The Jets loss, I’ll never get over that," Brady said today in his weekly radio with WEEI in Boston, per Ian Rappaport of the Boston Herald.  "That’s as painful a loss as we’ve ever had here as a team. … They can rush the passer, find ways to confuse you by rushing the passer or by their coverages. We gave them a lot of credit when they won. We got to learn from that and understand what it takes to beat good teams." 

Brady also addressed several other issues, including the struggles of newly acquired wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and whether Albert Haynesworth will be a positive addition to the team.

“The way [Ochocinco] has played the game is quite a bit different from how we’ve played the game," Brady said. "It’s a lot for him to understand and understand what I’m thinking so we can be on the same page. A lot of things happen in the game that don’t happen in practice and you can’t practice what goes on, the best thing you can do is simulate it, make mistakes and make corrections. It’s really been a crash course. We’ve never played together and it’s trying to get comfortable where we can both play with confidence. … But he’s a hard-worker, he wants to do it, he’s really competitive and really fun out there. He wants the ball, he wants to practice, he wants us to be able to rely on him. It’s been great for Deion (Branch), Wes (Welker), and Julian (Edelman), that whole receiver group is really competitive working against those defensive backs.”

On Haynesworth and former Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis, who is now a Patriot: "Both of them have come in and embraced a new start. Shaun has really taken to things and been very professional. Albert and I have had a lot of conversations and he’s a great player. He’s looking forward to having a great season and getting out there." 


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