Peyton Manning and the Colts should offer the Giants' defense...

Peyton Manning and the Colts should offer the Giants' defense a much tougher test than they had in Week 1 against Carolina. (Sept. 12, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

Indianapolis - If Peyton Manning is released by the Colts, it looks like the Cardinals will be high on the list of suitors for the veteran quarterback. 

They didn't come right out and say it today at the NFL Scouting Combine, but general manager Rod Graves and head coach Ken Whisenhunt sure did seem to leave the door open to signing Manning if he's on the open market. 

"We’re always looking for opportunities with players," Whisenhunt said. "I think we’re very pleased with the players that we have on our team, but we’re obviously always looking to get better." 

Whisenhunt said he's prepared to go into the season with Kevin Kolb and John Skelton, and added that there would be a training camp competition between the two. If Manning isn't on the roster, that is. 

"Everybody out there associated with our team understands this is a competitive game and we’re all looking to get better," Graves said. "If those opportunities present themselves, then so be it. We've got an outstanding group of quarterbacks right now. We believe we can win with those quarterbacks."

And if a certain high-profile free agent quarterback might be available?

"We’ll see what other opportuniteies present themselves if that happens," Graves said.

Other teams that could be in the mix if Manning is released: the Jets, Redskins, Dolphins and 49ers. 

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