Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid looks down and reads his...

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid looks down and reads his notes during a news conference at the team's training facility. (Nov. 27, 2012) Credit: AP

There was some question about what Chiefs coach Andy Reid would do with his defense, especially after his Eagles teams ran the 4-3 alignment, a system where the pass rush would most often come fromt the defensive line.

But Reid now says he'll stick with the 3-4 defense the Chiefs have run the last several years, and it's one reason he hired former Jets' defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, who ran the 3-4 when he worked under Eric Mangini. 

It's an advantage for the Chiefs because they've been drafting players more suited to the 3-4.

“There’s been time invested in the 3-4 here,” Reid said, per Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.  “The 3-4 gives you some flexibility. I’ve run both (defensive systems). I’ve been involved in both so I understand how they were. The 4-3 is good if you have the right coaches in place and the team is invested in it. But this team here is invested in the 3-4, so let’s continue to build it and get better at it.”

The Chiefs have a core of solid players who are used to running the 3-4, including linebackers Derrick Johnson, Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, safety Eric Berry and defensive end Tyson Jackson.  

“(Sutton is) able to keep the keep the integrity of the defense as far as the 3-4 goes,” Reid said. “Bob knows the 3-4 and he knows it well.”

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