After leading the league last year with 48 dropped passes, it was readily apparent the Chiefs receivers were in the dumper. They really stunk.

In an effort to correct the problem, wide receivers coach Maurice Carthon hauled out a Porta-Potty at training camp this week. You read right.

It was used for a unique pass-catching drill in which the players went in, sat down and waited with the door closed for the coach's instructions. While Carthon stood about 10 feet away, he had another coach open the door on his instruction. Carthon then fired the pass. 

"It teaches you hand-eye coordination," rookie receiver Dexter McCluster said.

Carthon, the former Giants running back who also was a Jets' assistant coach under Bill Parcells, said he learned the drill from Giants tight ends coach Mike Pope when they worked together in New England.

"I haven't done it in a while, but it's a good concentration drill for hands, eyes, and getting the ball and getting your hands up quick," Carthon said.

The Chiefs will get to see if the drills worked when they visit the Falcons Friday night in their preseason opener.

"We're taking it upon ourselves to be a good catching team," wideout Chris Chambers said. "When you miss a pass, you have to get it out of your head and make the next one."

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was particularly annoyed by the drops.

"You're talking to a long-time receivers coach," he said. "We could have a long dissertation here on catching the ball. It is a unique subject because a big part of catching the football is mental and has to do with confidence. You always have to emphasize technique."

(Ok, to answer your next question, I'm going to assume that the Porta-Potties they used were not ... um ... used.) 

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