Texas quarterback Colt McCoy reacts to a two-point conversion against...

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy reacts to a two-point conversion against Alabama during the BCS National Championship game. (Jan. 7, 2010) Credit: MCT/Michael Ainsworth

In his four years at Texas, Colt McCoy threw for nearly 4,000 more yards than Tim Tebow did in his four seasons at Florida (13,253-9,285). He had 24 more passing touchdowns than Tebow (112-88), eclipsed Tebow in completion percentage three of the four seasons, and is nearly a full year older than Tebow (McCoy will turn 24 on Sept. 5, while Tebow will be 23 on Aug. 14).

Yet McCoy will have to accept the fact that he'll always be treated like a little brother to the ultra-popular Tebow, who already has one of the hottest selling jerseys on the planet.

Even on one of the most important days of his life — his wedding day — McCoy couldn't escape the man who was inexplicably drafted 60 spots ahead of him back in April.

Tebow wasn't in attendance to see McCoy's nuptials to his longtime girlfriend Rachel Glandorf (who actually was a middle distance runner at Big 12 rival Baylor), but the former Florida QB was mentioned.

McCoy's best friend and favorite target at Texas, Jordan Shipley (who was also drafted ahead of McCoy — by one spot to the Bengals) decided to write a country song poking fun at his buddy for the special occasion. And it happened to mention the one and only Tebow — specifically how McCoy has been "rubbing elbows with Tim Tebow."

Of course TMZ got a copy of the video, and you can see it here (scroll to the 1:50 mark to hear the line and the crowd erupt). McCoy and his bride seemed to get a kick out of the reference, but it's the truth. Tebow really is more of a celebrity than McCoy.

Tebow won two national titles at Florida, while McCoy had to watch Texas lose to Alabama last season from the sideline. Tebow won the 2007 Heisman Trophy (the first underclassman to win the award), while McCoy finished second in 2008 and third last year. Tebow has been featured in a Super Bowl commercial and on the cover of EA Sports' NCAA 2011 video game, while McCoy couldn't even get an endorsement from Pedialyte after he said it helped him recover from the flu.

Let's face it, unless McCoy wins a Super Bowl — and we all know that's not happening with the Browns — he'll be looking up at Tebow for the rest of his life.  

**About two hours after posting this, word came out that McCoy had agreed to a four-year deal worth up to $5 million ... Tebow is sure to get a much bigger deal as a first-round pick.

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