Jonathan Tisch, Giants treasurer (pictured, left): "The Jets and the Giants put together a proposal we're very proud of. I just believe the owners have the faith in us that three years from now we're going to put on a remarkable event."

John Mara, Giants' president and co-owner (pictured, center): "We're very excited about winning the bid for the 2014 Super Bowl. I want to thank the NFL owners for having confidence in our ability to host this game and for having the guts to want to make some history.

"We're proud of the stadium we put together, proud of the partnership we have. That partnership made this bid successful. Woody [Johnson] started pushing this idea on me about four years ago and was absolutely relentless about it and finally convinced me that this was the right way to go and I want to thank him for doing that. It's a great event for New York and New Jersey, the economic impact and the excitement around the game. We could use a little bit of that in New York and New Jersey. We're excited about bringing the biggest game in the world to the biggest stage in the world."

Woody Johnson, Jets owner (pictured, right): "I'm very excited about this. I was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. To be a Jersey boy and bring something this big to New Jersey and the New York region is a tremendous thing for all the people that live in our area."

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