A bloodied Chuck Liddell during his match against Rich Franklin...

A bloodied Chuck Liddell during his match against Rich Franklin at UFC 115 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Liddell lost by first-round knockout. (June 12, 2010) Credit: AP

The only thing worse than Mitch Petrus' new haircut might be who gave it to him.

The rookie guard was in the locker room with a bad mowhawk today, something reminiscent of Chuck Liddell. I had hoped that the veteran offensive lineman had kidnapped and maybe drugged him, sat on him to hold him down, and shaved that shape onto his scalp. There would be a certain nobility to that story. No such luck.

The way it was told to me, Petrus texted one of his teammates asking "Did you ever have a bad hair day?" And then Petrus added: "I was trimming my sideburns and I think I went a little too far."

So yes, apparently Petrus gave himself that haircut.

Now, it could be that my source is covering his tracks and that the veterans actually did shave Petrus' head. But it's a little late in the season for such hazing to be taking place. I tend to believe the self-inflicted storyline. I'll try to follow-up on it with Petrus tomorrow.

Either way, it's better than having to handle a $55,000 dinner check. Hair grows back. Well, on most of us.

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