Antonio Cromartie of the Jets in action during a preseason...

Antonio Cromartie of the Jets in action during a preseason game. (Aug. 27, 2010) Credit: David Pokress

Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie is delighted that Darrelle Revis has ended his holdout and is back with the Jets. Even though it means Cromartie has to switch from the left side back to the right side to accommodate Revis, the former Chargers cornerback is pumped.
"I've played both sides anyway," Cromartie said. "I'm just moving back to my side and my island, and Revis is going to have his island." 
Cromartie isn't backing down off his confidence about just how good the Jets' secondary can be.
"We feel like we have the best secondary in the NFL," he said. "We have a lot of experience.  [Rookie] Kyle Wilson, he gained a lot of experience without Revis being here.  It helps out a lot because now he gets (used to) the game speed and he understands a lot more, so when he comes in on nickel package or whatever, he’s right into the flow of the game."
Cromartie thinks Revis will play most of the way in Monday night's opener againts the Ravens at New Meadowlands Stadium.
"You have to think they're going to throw the ball, and Darelle will have to run around a little bit more," Cromartie said. "He’s probably going to play more than 55 to 60 plays, so it’s a matter of getting the wind up under you.  He probably did a great job of doing conditioning and doing the things that he’s supposed to do.  He’s already in great shape."
Will they go right at Revis? "I don’t know," Cromartie said. "Revis is one of the best corners in the NFL, so I don’t think that’s going to happen too much."
More Cromartie on Revis: 
"I know he’s definitely glad it’s over with.  I think he’s one of those guys that loves football, that loves the game.  He missed out on a lot, (not) coming to training camp and being with the guys, but he’s a guy that can come in and change a game.  We’re happy that he’s here.  We definitely look forward to it as a defense, and as an organization."

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