Aaron Rodgers of the Jets takes his first snap of a...

Aaron Rodgers of the Jets takes his first snap of a game against the Bills at MetLife Stadium on Monday. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Aaron Rodgers sees everything that he helped create with the Jets starting to crumble and he would like to see everyone take a breath, relax and stick together.

Rodgers is back in California rehabbing from Achilles tendon surgery, but he knows Zach Wilson has come under fire from the Jets’ fan base and their most famous supporter Joe Namath. The Hall of Fame quarterback said he’s “seen enough of Zach Wilson,” doesn’t believe in him and wants the Jets to get rid of him.

Rodgers, during his weekly segment on the “Pat McAfee Show,” said all this negativity is “not helping the cause.”

“I’d like to see everybody stick together; our fan base, our former players and our current players,” Rodgers said Tuesday. “Too much negativity and the world is crashing down after three weeks. It’s a long season, a lot of time, a lot of things that can happen. Let’s take a couple of breaths.”

Garrett Wilson, during his weekly spot on “The Bart and Hahn Show” on ESPN Radio, said everyone loves Namath and he’s entitled to his opinion. But Wilson hopes it fuels the Jets to prove Namath wrong and make him “eat his words.”

“He knows that we’re trying to build something,” Wilson said. “He knows that 15 days ago we had a big, big thing happen that changed the way we’re going to go about things this season. I would say my reaction is not much.

“There’s always going to be people that don’t believe or whatever it may be. I hope we find a way to use that as ammunition and maybe one day Joe Namath can admit that he was wrong and that we make him eat his words.”

Rodgers’ injury on the fourth offensive snap of the season changed everything for the team and organization.

The Jets were the most hyped team coming into this season, and now they’re the most drama-filled. Even their franchise icon is calling for the quarterback, general manager and head coach all to be gone.

“When you’re not having success how do we respond, how do we respond to adversity?” Rodgers said. “That goes for our fan base and former players as well. You’re not helping the cause.”

The Jets were confident they would be a playoff team and could compete for the Super Bowl with Rodgers and an already stout defense.

Rodgers said there was “no doubt” the Jets should have beaten the Patriots on Sunday with the defense holding them to 13 points. Wilson struggled to move the offense in a 15-10 loss. That, as well as some of the heated exchanges that took place on the Jets’ sideline, were troubling for Rodgers.

Michael Carter had words with running backs coach Taylor Embree. Garett Wilson also had an animated discussion with Zach Wilson and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

Rodgers said R-E-L-A-X.

“We need to hold our poise a little bit better, really just offensively,” Rodgers said. “We need to not have some of things happen on the sideline and to be a little better, and to be a little better competitors . . . There’s been, I think, too many little side conversations. We need to grow up a little bit on offense and lock in and do our jobs, everybody, and not point fingers at each other. Don’t point fingers at the coaching staff, don’t point fingers at each other, just get back to work and get the job done.”

As for all the criticism and boos Zach Wilson is receiving, Rodgers said he has to “find a way to block some of that out.”

Wilson and the Jets have a steep challenge on Sunday with reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City visiting MetLife. Rodgers hinted that he might be there, although he said he wouldn’t return to the area until he could walk.

“It sucks not being there,” Rodgers said. “It’s tough. It’s really hard. I miss the guys. I miss the leadership opportunity, I miss balling, competing. I feel like if I was there some of those things wouldn’t be happening. I’m not sure we’d be 3-0. I’d like to think there’s a possibility of that, but it’s more of the side stuff that I don’t like.”

Rodgers also challenged the Jets’ fans to show up and support the Jets and not give their tickets to Kansas City fans.

“You got to build from the adversity,” Rodgers said. “This is going to test us. How do we respond this week against a real good football team, the defending champs in our home. It’ll be interesting to see how our fans respond too.

“I hope they show up. Don’t be selling a bunch of those damn tickets to the Kansas City crowd. You never know who you’re going to see at the game.”

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