Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis practices for the first time since...

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis practices for the first time since signing his new contract. (Sept. 7, 2010) Credit: AP

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - The guy who held out for 36 days was more than 100 yards away, working on technique with receivers coach Dennis Thurman.

In the foreground were the rest of the defensive backs, standing on the sideline as they momentarily lingered, thinking they'd pause and hold things up for Darrelle Revis to join them.

"Everybody," safety Jim Leonhard cracked, "wait for Darrelle."

Quickly realizing that Thurman preferred to keep the All-Pro with him to see exactly where he is physically, Leonhard & Co. started doing their thing again without Revis, something to which they'd grown accustomed. But Leonhard just couldn't pass up the opportunity for a little good-natured ribbing Tuesday, not with it being Revis' first practice since June 16.

"I always bust Darrelle's chops," Leonhard said. "Somebody has to keep him in his place. But nah, it was great to see him back out there. He loves the game of football, he loves being with his teammates. So you give him a hard time, he's going to give it right back."

The Pro Bowl corner wasn't in much of a giving mood, though, and was back to making life miserable for the Jets' offense in practice. He picked off Mark Brunell, nearly had another on a Kellen Clemens pass but juggled the ball, and also had a pair of pass breakups.

Boycott? What five-week boycott?

"I think I'm fine right now. Nobody beat me deep today," Revis said with a laugh. "I just think I need to get my legs back up under me a little bit . . . It's just taking it slow, but it's like hurry up and wait sometimes."

Revis participated in roughly 15-20 snaps during the team portion of practice, mostly doing individual work on the side with Thurman.

Although he trained during his holdout and kept his conditioning in order, there's no simulating the actual game.

"It is a difference between being in shape and being in football shape. I know Dennis took him over privately to get a little more airtime," Rex Ryan quipped, referring to the HBO "Hard Knocks" camera crew that was following Revis around. "I mean, to work on Darrelle a little bit.

"We're confident we have a good plan for him and we'll see where he's at."

That plan includes having Revis work out Wednesday - the rest of the players are off - with Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi. As for the rest of the week. Revis, who's about four pounds overweight, likely will have his team reps increase in practice each day.

He's trying to get as much work in as humanly possible, figuring Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco is going to test him early and often Monday night in the season opener.

"I think they're still going to come at me," Revis said. "I think Monday night, the Ravens will because I haven't been in camp, I haven't been playing football for a while. I'm sure that's in their game plan."

A game plan that would be pretty silly if you ask one former Raven.

"I hope they do," Leonhard said. "I hope they are crazy enough to target him.''

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