Steven Parker of the Dolphins makes an interception against Vyncint...

Steven Parker of the Dolphins makes an interception against Vyncint Smith of the Jets during their game at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Credit: Getty Images/Al Bello

Was Vyncint Smith surprised that the replay official reversed a no-call in the final minute and the ruling was changed to defensive pass interference?

Smith, who was a part of several big plays in this game, said he expected it to be overturned.

The Jets were fortunate that replay official Al Riveron changed the call on the field and rule it pass interference on the Dolphins’ Nik Needham.

The Jets were out of timeouts and would have faced fourth-and-18 from the Miami 46 instead of first down from the 38.

“He came up on me and grabbed my right arm,” Smith said. “I knew it was pass interference from the beginning. I had another one in the beginning of the game that they didn’t call. I was upset they didn’t call that one.

“It was under two minutes, so they decide if they want to review. That was the case, and I wasn’t surprised it was overturned because I knew it was pass interference.”   

Was Demaryius Thomas surprised that a call in which he was involved was overturned in the first half?

Thomas said he didn’t see a replay because he was in the tunnel getting his leg checked after getting hurt on the play. But that’s another play that went the Jets’ way after the officials reviewed it, and it also was defended by Needham.

The original call was that the pass was incomplete. Needham had his hands on the ball and knocked it out of Thomas’ hands, but that occurred after he already had established possession and was in the end zone.

“I was just trying to hold it as long as I could,” Thomas said. “I wasn’t even thinking. I couldn’t tell you what happened. I wasn’t paying attention. I was in the tunnel because of my leg.”

How close did Le’Veon Bell come to playing?

Adam Gase said he thought there was a chance Bell would play until Saturday, when the running back was ruled out. Gase said Bell went to the doctor. He had the flu and wasn’t allowed to be around the team.

“When he got sick, we didn’t know how bad it was,” Gase said. “We were still going through our normal deal thinking there was a possibility that LeVeon was going to make the game.”

Bilal Powell rushed 19 times for 74 yards and Ty Montgomery finished with 61 total yards, including a huge 12-yard catch-and-run that helped set up Sam Ficken’s game-winning 44-yard field goal.   

How did Sam Darnold play?

It wasn’t his best game. He made several mistakes, but Gase took more responsibility than he usually does. Darnold threw an interception that Gase said was as much his fault as anyone’s.

“He had some decisions that I’m sure he’s going to want back. I had some calls I definitely would want back,” Gase said. “I don’t think I helped him out enough. I put him in some really bad third-down situations. It’s on me as much as it’s on him in some of those things.”

On the interception, Gase said, “I thought it should have been a throw-away because it was a bad call for what they ran. He didn’t have good options there. I wish he would have thrown it away. He was trying to make a play. That’s what we’ve been avoiding for the last four weeks.’’   

How important was this victory for Gase personally?

He didn’t let on, but it had to mean something to him after being fired by the Dolphins last season and losing to them earlier this year.

“He said he was happy, but you didn’t see it on his face,” Thomas said. “I think it was deep inside.”   

What happened to Ryan Griffin, Quinnen Williams, Powell and Kyron Brown?

Griffin left the first series with an ankle injury and never returned. Williams suffered a stinger. Brown hurt his quadriceps, couldn’t put any weight on his leg and needed help to come off the field. Powell hurt his ankle late in the game.

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