AP Pro Football writer Arnie Stapleton says Tuesday's signing of...

AP Pro Football writer Arnie Stapleton says Tuesday's signing of Peyton Manning turns the Denver Broncos into a Super Bowl contender and is a huge coup for vice president of football operations John Elway. AP video. (March 20)

One of the biggest reasons Peyton Manning chose the Broncos after a frenzied free-agent chase in 2012 was the presence of John Elway, the legendary quarterback who now serves as the team's vice president of football operations.

Elway's advice served Manning well during the decision-making process leading up to his signing, and the former quarterback's presence continues to benefit Manning.

"John has been, first and foremost, he's been leading this team and this organization and he's been a great one to follow from that standpoint," Manning said. "But I think being an ex-quarterback, he has been a great resource. He doesn't come to our quarterback meetings and he is not on the phones with me during the game. I think he wants to make that clear that it is his job to hire good people to communicate with me on those ends. At the same time, I think you would be crazy not to ask a quarterback with his experience questions.

"It was kind of the same way growing up," Manning said. "My dad was never my coach by any means, but when you enjoy playing quarterback and you want to learn about the position, you try to use resources around you. And so I have asked John a number of questions and he's provided me with any type of knowledge or tidbit from experiences that he's had."

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