Defensive Tackle Kris Jenkins #77 of the New York Jets...

Defensive Tackle Kris Jenkins #77 of the New York Jets watches the play against the New Orleans Saints. (Oct. 4, 2009) Credit: Getty Images

As if the back-and-forth between Ray Lewis and Rex Ryan wasn't enough, Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins threw some more gasoline on the trash-talk bonfire in advance of Monday night's Jets-Ravens game at New Meadowlands Stadium.

Jenkins appeared last night on SNY's Loudmouths, and listened to Lewis' suggestions that the Jets' hype was a bit much.

"The bottom is . . we're talking about the Jets like they're the Saints," Lewis said. "That's the Super Bowl champs. They're the only people that can be dethroned - drew Brees and the Saints, not Mark Sanchez and the Jets . . . You listen to all this yap, yap, yap. The bottom line is you got to buckle up your chinstraps."

"I know Ray is on defense and I think he can thank God for that this Monday," Jenkins said. "Because if he had to stand across from me, I think he would understand that if I was a saint or a sinner, I'm not the man to talk like that . . . I'm glad that he can talk like that. I just hope this time he doesn't hide behind the other linebacker that's taking all the hits for him."



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