Kyle Wilson holds up a Jets jersey after the team...

Kyle Wilson holds up a Jets jersey after the team selected him 29th overall in the 2010 NFL draft. (Apr. 23, 2010) Credit: AP

THIRTY-SECOND PICK: SAINTS SELECT PATRICK ROBINSON: Robinson is a cornerback from Florida State. The senior will make opposing receivers work. He had an ankle injury in 2009, but bounced back fine to be the final name drafted in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He’ll find himself on special teams his rookie year as he develops into the cornerback most think he will become.

THIRTY-FIRST PICK: COLTS SELECT JERRY HUGHES: Hughes is a DE for TCU and has four years of college under his belt. Many describe him as an explosive player, especially in the open field. He has a good head on his shoulder and should make an impact immediately in the NFL. Hughes' biggest season came in his junior year, but he did rack up 11.5 sacks in 2009.

THIRTIETH PICK: LIONS SELECTS JAHVID BEST: Best is one of three running back selected in the first round. He’s a junior out of California who gained national recognition in his sophomore year.  Some want to see him become more physical. If he can, it will be a deadly combination to go along with his size.

Minnesota trades their 30th pick to the Lions.

TWENTY-NINTH PICK: JETS SELECT KYLE WILSON: The Jets took the clock all the way under a minute. The drama that is Rex Ryan and the Jets continue even at the NFL Draft.

Wilson is a cornerback from Boise State who is a great back joining an already stacked defense. He had a very good showing on the big stage at the Fiesta Bowl that helped his stock. He was a good player even before than game but the national recognition always helps. Now he’s heading to the big city where he can show off his tremendous athleticism.  

TWENTY-EIGHTH PICK: DOLPHINS SELECT JARED ODRICK: Odrick enters Radio City to a lot of J-E-T-S chants. You better get used to it Jared. Then again, Jet fans need to know he was the Big Ten defensive player of the year and a run-stopper with brute force.

TWENTY-SEVENTH PICK: NEW ENGLAND SELECTS DEVIN MCCOURTY: McCourty, out of Rutgers, will head north to New England. Now that’s interesting. He has a good reputation as a tough competitive player. Could contribute right away to the Patriots, especially on special teams.

TWENTY-SIXTH PICK: CARDINALS SELECT DAN WILLIAMS: Williams is a DT out of Tennessee who had an impressive 2009 season (He recorded 70 total tackles (36 solo), 2.5 sacks, and one fumble recovery). He has an excellent combination of size and strength.  He stands at 6’2” and 327 lbs. He will draw the double-team more often than not. He has plenty of experience in college as he is a senior and started three years for Tennessee.

TWENTY-FIFTH PICK: BRONCOS SELECT TIM TEBOW: Tebow picked up a lot of momentum in the days leading up to the draft. Rumors said he was going to the Jaguars or Minnesota. It’s the Broncos that pull of the surprise. Tebow id not NFL-ready but he’s a genuine team leader and an intelligent football player. So far Denver has made a huge splash getting WR Thomas and now a "future" QB in Tim Tebow.

Tebow has a strong arm but his accuracy is an issue. He will have a lot to learn come this summer and Urban Meyer is not there anymore for the big guy.

A “Tebow sucks” chant breaks out as the fans let out the loudest roar of the night.

TWENTY-FOURTH PICK: COWBOYS SELECT DEZ BRYANT: The WR from Oklahoma State is heading to Dallas. He is one of the most talented WR’s in the entire draft and a legitimate down the field threat. Tony Romo will have a ton of fun throwing to Bryant. He had some off the field issues in 2009 and missed 10 games. It’s something that can be easily dismissed on this great day for Bryant, but it could be a concern for Dallas in the future.

Cowboys acquire the 24th pick from New England.

TWENTY-THIRD PICK: PACKERS SELECT BRYAN BULAGA: The big man is going north to Green Bay. Good run blocker who moves quick and can plug up any hole on a moments notice. The fans at Radio City really like him, though.

TWENTY-SECOND PICK: BRONCOS SELECT DEMARYIUS THOMAS: Thomas is a WR from Georgia Tech who caught 44 passes for 1,077 yards and seven touchdowns in his 2009 season. He broke his foot in February and could not participate in the NFL Combine.

TWENTY-FIRST PICK: BENGALS SELECT JERMAINE GRESHAM: Another Oklahoma player taken in the first round. Many thought he would fall to the second round or later due to surgery in 2009 that ended his season early.

TWENTIETH PICK: TEXANS SELECT KAREEM JACKSON: Jackson is yet another DB from Alabama. Teams cannot underestimate what he can do if he gets the ball. He was a standout running back in high school. He could be one of the most underrated players in the entire draft having a great combination of size and speed. 

NINETEENTH PICK: FALCONS SELECT SEAN WEATHERSPOON: Weatherspoon is a LB from Missouri who has received a lot of credit for being the total package and can offer a lot of intangibles. He’s know for being a great decision maker.

EIGHTEENTH PICK: STEELERS SELECT MAURKICE POUNCE: Pouncey is very versatile and quick for a big man. Pouncey had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder in May of 2009. It will be interesting to see if that will be a factor down the road.

SEVENTEENTH PICK: 49ERS SELECT MIKE IUPATI: Iupati is a huge body that out of Idaho. He’s labeled as one of the most powerful blockers in the whole draft. As fun as his name is, it will be no fun for opposing teams.

SIXTEENTH PICK: TITANS SELECT DERRICK MORGAN: The DE does not get as much credit as he should because he had plenty of help on the line at Georgia Tech. However in 2009 the help was gone and he did not disappoint and that’s the reason he is in the first round.

FIFTEENTH PICK: GIANTS SELECT JASON PIERRE-PAUL: The DE from South Florida was not picked in many mock drafts for the Giants. Then again, McClain and Spiller were pipe dreams for the Giants. Defense was what the Giants needed and this is the man who could shut down the running game for opposing teams. The Giants defense was one of the main reasons for their downfall at the end of 2009. He dominated during his junior year of college and looks like the sky is the limit for him. Click here to read more about the newest Giant.

Now the question needs to be asked if Osi Umenyiora's head does not get screwed on correctly can he be traded?

FOURTEENTH PICK: SEATTLE SELECTS EARL THOMAS: The DB from Texas is smaller than most at his position but his speed and ability to make sound decisions has made him a hot commodity. He’s only a sophomore and might still have a lot to learn. He’s a good tackler and will get many interceptions.

THIRTIETH PICK: EAGLES SELECT BRANDON GRAHAM: Graham better get used to the hostile environment in New York as the Giants fans are freely displaying how much they despise the Eagles. Graham is from Michigan and a solid DE. This is one pick that no one saw coming. Many reporters are shocked here at the pick. None the less, Graham will be great in the zone blitz schemes.

An "Eagles suck" chat breaks out as a highlight reel is shown of the Eagles.

TWELFTH PICK: CHARGERS SELECT RYAN MATHEWS: The running back out of Fresno State had 1,808 yards, 150.7 ypg with 19 TDs in his junior year. Many describe him as a smooth player with the ability to explode. Goodbye LD, hello to the future of the Chargers.

Miami trades its pick. The Chargers are now on the clock for the 12th pick.

ELEVENTH PICK: 49ERS SELECT ANTHONY DAVIS: Davis is an offensive linemen out of Rutgers. He’s only a junior but gets a lot of credit for being the sole reason why the line is good.

Denver has traded its pick, the 49ers are now on the clock for the 11th pick of the draft.

TENTH PICK: JAGUARS SELECT TYSON ALUAL: Alualu is not a name on everyone’s radar because of the talented class of DT. Don’t kid yourself as he can be very effective. He is not flashy but a proven gamer that will help the Jaguars right away.

NINTH PICK: BILLS SELECT C.J. SPILLER: Goodbye to the two men the Giants had their hearts set on. Spiller is an explosive player and the fans here at Radio City are sad to see this man head north to Buffalo. Spiller is known as a player will have big runs like Reggie Bush.

In his interview, Spiller said it will be exciting to play in the AFC East and he thinks it's one of the tougest in the NFL.

EIGHTH PICK: RAIDERS SELECT ROLANDO MCCLAIN: The big news here is McClain will not be going to the Giants.

SEVENTH PICK: BROWNS SELECT JOE HADEN: The junior from Florida has all the makings to be a shut down corner in the NFL. His size is not typical of corners, but his ability will make up for that. Many feel he has all the makings to be a huge player.

By the way, Bob Glauber is 7 of 7 so far.

SIXTH PICK: SEATTLE SELECTS RUSSELL OKUNG: Okung is a big guy that any quarterback would love to have protecting them. Many picked Okung to be the best offensive tackle in the 2010 class. Okung was a star at Oklahoma State all four years he played there.  He was very impressive at his workouts showing his brute strength.

Matt Hasselbeck is one happy guy right now.

FIFTH PICK: CHIEFS SELECT ERIC BERRY: The Cheifs took their time right down to the wire with a little over a minute left. His abilities have never been questioned and he is known as a leader which only adds to his appeal. 

Berry is a great defensive player but didn't get as much attention as guys like Shu and McCoy.

FOURTH PICK: REDSKINS SELECT TRENT WILLIAMS: The Redskins are in the middle of a lot of change. From their new coach to their new QB. Now they have a new OT. Williams can move but he can bulk up a little more to stop the run.

Very interesting, three of the first four picks were all from Oklahoma.

THIRD PICK: TAMPA BAY SELECTS GERALD MCCOY: Tampa Bay is in a major rebuilding process and this is a huge step in the right direction. McCoy seems happy as he gives Goodell a huge hug before receiving his jersey.

He will cause opposing quarterbacks to have fits as he will be able to penetrate the line of scrimmage

SECOND PICK: LIONS SELECT NDAMUKONG SUH: Suh was regarded as one of the best all-around players this year and so far draft has one according to most mock drafts.

He has tremendous power and speed for a big man. He will be a force to reckon with in the NFL.

FIRST PICK: RAMS SELECT SAM BRADFORD: The 75th NFL Draft is off and running in primetime. NFL Commissioner gets a great ovation and gives a nice speech thanking the fans and the NFL community.

The 1-15 Rams need a quarterback and a face of their franchise. Marc Bulger was released by the Rams on April 5, 2010. The pick of Sam Bradford was inevitable for the Rams. Bradford is NFL ready and can help this team win as soon as he puts that jersey on.

Even though he missed most of last season, his workouts were enough to show that his shoulder is not an issue.

7:25 PM: We're about to start the drafting here. The house is packed, the fans are hot tonight at Radio City. Let's being the fun.

7:18 PM: C.J. Spiller gets the biggest ovation among the draftees. Ndamukong Suh gets a Marino-like ovation.

7:16 PM: LT easily gets the biggest ovation among all the NFL greats brought to the stage. Dan Marino’s ovation? Best way to describe is a smattering of cheers and boos. That’s what you get for bringing a Dolphin into New York City.

7:03 PM: On the big TV here, Sam Bradford is being interviewed by ESPN. What is going through his head as he is just a half hour away from his whole life changing in front of the entire football world. Is a Rams jersey waiting for him? Read Bob Glauber’s column on his thoughts.

7:00 PM: We’re only 30 minutes from the announcement of the number one pick. It’s a good time to reminisce on some of the best number one picks of all time. Who do you think was the greatest number one pick in NFL history?

6:55 PM: The fans have already found their favorite target before the draft has even begun: Me Kiper Jr.

6:27 PM: We’re only about an hour away and the stars are starting to really fill up the red carpet outside of Radio City.

It’s time to start the discussion on what the locals will do. The Jets have the 29th overall pick and we all know how unpredictable Rex Ryan and company are. What do you think the Jets will do? According to Jets GM, Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets are not interested in trading up.

The Giants will pick from the 15th position. Defense is there need, but will they draft according to their needs? If C.J. Spiller is still on the board, will they bite? Or will Rolando McClain be a member of the Giants after tonight?

6:19 PM: Fans are starting to make their way into Radio City. Now the place is staring to get some classic New York flavor.

6:06 PM: C.J. Spiller arrives with Barry Sanders. Interesting pairing on the part of the NFL.

5:53 PM: The NFL Network has started their pre-show with the entrances on the red carpet from outside Radio City. Russel Okung from Oklahoma State was one of the first people to arrive.

5:46 PM: The team representatives are making their way to their respected team tables. Roger Goodell just finished an interview with the NFL Network.

5:31 PM: Team representatives were asked to leave their tables in front of the stage and head upstairs to a meeting.

The media is starting to fill up Radio City. Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is doing his radio show from the far left of the stage. It’s hard not to hear him from where I’m sitting, which is about 50 feet from him.

Chris Berman is doing his show from an elevated position on the floor. The NFL Network also has an elevated position right behind me.

5:08 PM: Good evening. We’re situated here live at Radio City in Manhattan awaiting the start of the live blog for the NFL Draft. I wish I could say the building is buzzing, but not many people are here yet. Fans have packed 51st Street waiting to get inside the building.

Even though Tim Tebow is not in the house, he is here in spirit as there is a lot of attention surrounding where he will end up. Earlier this week Tebow’s name was listed high in the second round but he is now listed at the bottom of the first round in many mock drafts. Just take a look at Bob Glauber’s. It would make a lot of sense for Minnesota to draft him at #30.

Another good question here in New York is what will the Giants do? Their defense fell flat at the end of last season and many say Rolando McClain would be a perfect fit for the Giants. Clemson running back C.J Spiller has been linked to the Giants as of late.

Lastly, Sam Bradford is going to the Rams. Or is he? Speculation has been running around, although quietly, that teams could trade up to take the number one pick and draft Bradford. The Rams were 1-15 last year and they need a boost in the worst way. Is Bradford the man for the job or will they trade the opportunity to draft him way to anther lucky team?

The daft airs live tonight on ESPN at 7:30.

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