DALLAS - Negotiating teams from the NFL and the NFL Players Association met Saturday for the first time since late November, although there were no breakthroughs in talks aimed at extending the collective-bargaining agreement. The CBA is set to expire March 3.

The two sides met for two hours, and the NFL and NFLPA issued a statement.

"The NFL and NFL Players Association met for two hours . . . in a continuing effort to narrow the differences and reach a fair agreement that will benefit the players, teams and fans," the statement read. "We plan to increase the number, length and intensity of bargaining sessions so that we can reach agreement before the expiration of the current CBA."

The two sides are expected to meet at least twice next week, indicating at least the possibility of a thaw in talks. Several owners expressed a desire to jump-start talks, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said round-the-clock talks are urgently needed.

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