Matt Millen (left) and Bob Papa of the NFL Network.

Matt Millen (left) and Bob Papa of the NFL Network. Credit: Handout

Well, at least Patrick Willis knows who Matt Millen is. 

A day after ripping the former NFL linebacker for comments he made about Willis' poor performance against the Giants, Willis apologized for the outburst. And he also found out that Millen, now a football analyst and a former Lions general manager, actually is. 

"It was kind of emotional, especially coming after the game," Willis said Tuesday, per Matt Barrow of the Sacramento Bee. "I probably said some things that I probably wouldn't say. I apologize for those things, and I have all the respect in the world for those guys that have played this game before me and have played it at a high level."

Millen, a 12-year NFL linebacker who played two seasons with the 49ers, was interviewed on a San Francisco radio station and was critical of Willis and teammate NaVorro Bowman. 

"They'll come back from this, but yesterday was not a good day for them," Millen said. "That's the worst I've seen those two play."

In an interview on the same station, Willis ripped Millen. 

"Whoever this Matt Millen guy is, I'd like to ask him if he could do what we do every day and do what we do for 16 games a year and see if he can hold up every game," he said. "I doubt he would. … I really don't care about what this guy has to say."

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