In the wake of last night's 10-9 win over the Jets, the Ravens admitted that all the preseason attention focused on Rex Ryan's team served as a motivating factor.

"From the “Hard Knocks” show and all the hype, it’s a great win," running back Ray Rice said. "You can have the “Hard Knocks” show. HBO’s not going to win the Super Bowl. It made a couple of guys fired up on our team. Ray Lewis is one of them. It’s a respect thing. We respect them as opponents, but I didn’t think they respected us enough to give us credit . . . Hopefully now we’ll get a little respect from them guys . . . [Ray Lewis’] message was clear to us: It was the respect factor . . . All the talk fueled our guys. At the end of the day, talking doesn’t win the game."

Linebacker Terrell Suggs took his own shots: "Don’t take another team and try to be us," he said. "Baltimore is where the defense started, and where it’s going to end . . . The more disciplined, more prepared team won today . . . I love the man with all my heart, but they have to deal with us."

Lewis put it this way: "It became personal when the schedule came out, bottom line. The tradition and respect Rex wanted to bring over to the Jets. The bottom line is, let’s just play football . . . Any time you challenge a warrior, a warrior is always going to respond."


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