When it comes to trash talking, the Jets have been doing a lot of it these days. But even they can’t quite duplicate the effect that Ray Lewis has when he decides he wants to say something.

Case in point: Lewis said on a conference call with Jets’ reporters today that the Jets ought to keep a few things in mind when they talk big.

“The only danger there can be is writing a check that you can't cash,” he said.

Asked if he believes the Jets will be able to cash that check that Ryan is writing with all the bravado, Lewis said, “That's for the Jets to deal with that pressure for the rest of the year.”

Lewis wasn’t finished. In an interview with Baltimore area reporters, he said of the Jets: “We're talking about the Jets like we're talking about the Saints. Those are the only people that can be dethroned: Drew Brees and the Saints. Not Mark Sanchez and the Jets.” He added in this zinger: “If you all are the Miami Heat, we've gotta be the Lakers, because we're looking for multiple rings.”

Lewis did have nice things ot say about the Jets’ running back tandem of Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson, and called Tomlinson “probably one of the top three or four backs” in today’s NFL. “It wasn't his fault San Diego's offensive line didn't produce, or they went without a fullback [in 2009],” Lewis said.

But Lewis didn’t show much respect for Jets second year quarterback Mark Sanchez. “All we have to do is look on the film,” Lewis said. “He struggles a lot when he has to throw a lot.”

And Lewis said he was happy to see that Darrelle Revis ended his holdout in time to play on Monday night.

“I’m just glad he is signed, so there is no excuse,” Lewis said.

Hmm. That’s strikingly similar to what Ravens fullback Le'Ron McClain said, an answer that drew a sharp response from Jets head coach Rex Ryan the other day.

"I don't know what's wrong with Le'Ron,” Ryan said. “He said something about there's no excuses. He must have us confused with somebody else.

“I don't think we make any excuses. Last year, we didn't have our starting 11 guys on defense for a single game and yet we led the league. We don't make excuses. All we do is produce, and that's what we're planning to do Monday night."

Game on!

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