Let the leaking begin.

Anyone who has been paying any attention to baseball over the course of the last 3 years, or, well, hasn't been living under a rock, knows about how the steroids scandal rocked MLB to its very core and every year or so, another name leaks off the list of 104 names who tested positive in 2003. Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz are the two biggest names to have leaked. It's been a three-ring circus for people who cover baseball, or who watch baseball, or who read newspapers.

NFL, it's your turn. This morning, The Washington Post linked Santana Moss of the Redskins to HGH and a Canadian doctor who faced a judge yesterday for HGH distrubution.

Moss had 902 receiving yards and three touchdowns last season. His brother, Sinorice, plays for the Giants.

Dr. Anthony Galea was charged in federal court on Wednesday with distributing illegal drugs to professional athletes. It has been reported that he distrbuted HGH to a number of professional football players. Several New York area athletes were questioned about their ties to Galea including Carlos Beltran and Rodriguez.

Seems like football is headed for the same sort of illegal substance circus that's been plaguing baseball for nearly 3 years now. A new name that leaks, followed by either a firm denial or a teary press conference, and a lampooning from the media.

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