KAM CHANCELLOR, Seahawks safety On his intimidation to opposing receivers:...

KAM CHANCELLOR, Seahawks safety
On his intimidation to opposing receivers:
“I always tell guys on my team, in hitting, it’s a want to. You can’t just go out there and lollygag around, thinking you’re going to make the tackle. You have to want to. You have to know you’re going to deliver for us and make an impact and you’ll be a force in the game.” | Credit: AP

The Seahawks practiced at the Giants’ facility on Monday, their first visit to their home base of football operations for this Super Bowl week. Opinions varied.

“It’s a really nice facility,” wide receiver Golden Tate said. “The food is great [and] the field was awesome. The locker room was nice. It’s very similar to ours. I felt comfortable being able to break loose."

Safety Kam Chancellor did not rate it as high.

“It’s a bit different than ours, but we have to make do with it right now,” he said.

One thing Chancellor did like was the display or signs, murals and artwork throughout the facility commemorating the Giants’ championships.

“Just seeing something like that at home would definitely be big,” he said.

Giants president and CEO John Mara said that he had been bracing for the day when another team would be walking through his hallways.

“It’s what we signed up for,” Mara said. “We certainly would rather be playing the game ourselves, but we knew there was a significant chance that somebody else would be using our facility. I’m kind of happy it ended up being them instead of some of the other possibilities … It could have been worse.”

Like, the Cowboys perhaps? Mara wouldn’t say. But with the Seahawks, at least the Giants didn’t have to be particularly paranoid.
“I think if they were looking at our notebooks for this year there’s not a heck of a lot to take away,” Mara said of the team’s disappointing 7-9 finish.

The Seahawks practiced in the fieldhouse, not outdoors. The surface in the fieldhouse is the same as the one across the parking lot at MetLife Stadium.

“I’m trying to get my footing down correctly and get ready to play,” Tate said of using that similarity to his advantage.

“We had a great workout today,” Pete Carroll said. “It was a bonus Monday for us, a little more than you normally get during a normal week’s practice so the guys really took to it. We had a great tempo and enthusiasm and everything was really cool, so we’re off to a good start.”

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