Interesting interview with Ed Reed on WKNR in Cleveland, as the Ravens' star safety, still recovering from hip surgery, takes some pointed shots at Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston.

When asked whether he expects to be back early this season, Reed said he hoped his rehab would progress enough to allow him back in the lineup. Then he took a swipe at Preston, the long-time columnist who isn't shy about sharing his opinions about players and coaches in print.

"There's guys like Mike Preston down here who want to report stuff and he can call it whatever he wants," Reed said, via "Ex sorry football player who didn’t make it. (Host: You sound angry) It is what it is. He has the pen in his hand and he can write anytime he wants. I could care less about the guy, but he’s just trying to make a name for himself saying what he wants to say, but he doesn’t understand the business. He’s never been in this business. He wanted to make it and he didn’t. Now he’s just sorry and writing what he wants to write. You know write the right thing.”

Sounds like Reed will have a thing or two to tell Preston when they meet in training camp.

"Those guys don’t motivate me at all. They’re really nobody. I’m sure they can tell you that I very rarely talk to them because of the things they say and do. They don’t work the right way some of them. It’s not everybody in the media, just certain people. I actually tried to contact Mike Preston this offseason to try and give him all the information, my surgery, everything, the truth of what’s going on. You take it and they do what they want to do. It’s no big deal to me. Those guys don’t motivate me, but I will confront them and talk to them when I know they’re wrong. Just try to write, get an article, and try to make a name off of you.”

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