How about this one: Chris Mortensen of ESPN just reported that suspended Saints coach Sean Payton, who will miss the entire 2012 season for his role in the bounty scandal that rocked the franchise, has reached out to former Giants, Jets, Patriots and Cowboys head coach BIll Parcells to coach the Saints this season. 

Parcells could not be reached for immediate comment. 

But if he does decide to step out of retirement for the 2012 season, it was be huge news. It would also mean Parcells would remove himself from contention for Hall of Fame induction for at least another five years. Current rules stipulate that a coach must be out of the league for a minimum of five years before being eligible for the Hall of Fame. 

Gut feeling here: Parcells will be flattered by the move, and will give it serious consideration because Payton is a close friend. But Parcells has been out of the coaching business for five years after having retired from the Cowboys, and he has frequently said he doesn't foresee coaching again. 

But you always have to leave in some wiggle room for Parcells, because coaching is in his blood. Even at age 70. He retired from the Giants after the 1990 season, only to come back with the Patriots three years later. He retired after three years as the Jets' coach, and came out of retirement once more to join the Cowboys in 2003. He coached there through the 2006 season before retiring again. 

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