Before he left Quail Hollow Friday, Tiger Woods said he was going to go home and watch the rest of the tournament on TV and "see how the game should be played." He sure got an eyeful yesterday.

          Rory McIlroy's 62 on a tough, major-championship caliber course amid a good field is the sort of thing that Tiger would do. This is not to say that McIlroy, the 20-year-old from Northern Ireland, will be as great as Tiger. It does say that it is just not right or fair to see golf as a one-person show any more.

           Had Woods been in the field yesterday, there was nothing he could have done to block McIlroy, who is just a few months older than Woods was when he won for the first time on the PGA Tour. We have heard for a couple years now that McIlroy is the real deal. He has a fluid swing and unflappable demeanor. He definitely is a force and likely will be worth watchign for quite a while.

           He had no hesitation about being aggressive yesterday, even with Phil Mickelson making his move. It sure will be fun to see how everything shakes out during the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach next month.

            Woods, meanwhile, made a rare Monday trip to TPC Sawgrass, site of the Players championship this week. He rarely doesn't come to Ponte Vedra Beach this early, but he needs the work and he said the greens at Isleworth are being renovated.

   is reporting that the irons Woods used during his Tiger Slam are being sold on eBay.


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