Textbook three-goal lead giveaway by the Rangers, and now we're headed to overtime. They lost their aggressiveness just as the Caps surged. This comes one night after the L.A. Kings blew a four-goal second-period lead at home and lost to the Sharks in overtime. The Rangers have failed to protect leads in the third period of Games 1, 3 and 4 now.

Very good job by the referee (I believe it was Paul Devorski) on Alexander Semin's goal that made it 3-1. Henrik Lundqvist never had the puck covered, although for a moment it appeared he might. It wasn't until Semin poked the puck from the side of the net that it actually crossed the line.

Brandon Dubinsky fell asleep on defense on Marcus Johansson's goal. Two Rangers were watching the puck while Johansson stood alone at the side of the net.

On the game-tying goal, Johansson on blasted the puck as a tired group of Rangers who had just killed a questionable slashing penalty to Sean Avery were caught on the ice.

Once the game was tied, things predictably settled down. Neither team's players wanted to make the mistake that would cost them the game. The edge in overtime usually goes to the more talented team, which can create chances out of nothing. That's the Caps, folks.

If the Rangers do lose the game, it would be a devastating blow that would give the Caps a chance to clinch the series at home. If they can steal this game back, we'll have ourselves a best-of-three series.

The Caps have to be concerned that the Rangers have found cracks in their defense throughout much of this game. The Rangers have to be intensely worried about their inability to hold leads. No matter the outcome, there will be plenty to talk about tomorrow.

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