Head coach John Tortorella of the New York Rangers looks...

Head coach John Tortorella of the New York Rangers looks on against the Winnipeg Jets at Madison Square Garden. (Nov. 6, 2011) Credit: Jim McIsaac

Q: Can you assess the difference without suspended Carl Hagelin in the lineup yesterday:

A: That's not the reason why ... I thought we played really well yesterday. You want his speed in, but we did a lot of good things and we're not going to use that as an excuse, that's for sure.

Q: But Hagelin has played big minutes and had an impact in the first line, were some guys gassed …

A: No, that's not gassed. I think the third period was our best period. Other than a couple spurts that they had, I thought we played our best hockey. You can look at minutes and  think our guys were gassed, but our guys weren't gassed. I thought that was our best period since the first game.

Q: Outside of Henrik Lundqvist have your best guys been the best...?

A: I'm not about to -- in Game 4 -- to start naming names. We've had some people, secondary players, play some good minutes. I thought some players, a number of players throughout our lineup gave us some good things here. But I'm not interested in naming names. We've got to win and lose as a team here. We just didn't get it done in overtime. I thought we played a pretty good game last night, so we'll just get ready for another one.

Q: Are the overtime losses a concern?

A: They made a play. They scored a couple goals. Before they scored last night, we had a couple chances. It's not about a concern. It's about trying to find a way to win. They've found a way to do that in a couple games here. If we get another opportunity, we're going to go about our business and see if we can get it done.

Q: Brad Richards spoke about winning and losing games, back and forth, on the way to the Cup in 2004. How do you guide a team through that?

A: You just get ready to play the next game. Like I've said, it's about momentum. I thought going into the overtime we had some really good momentum as far as how we played. We struggled a bit in the second period because we took three penalties and changed the momentum of the game. But going into the overtime, I thought we had really good momentum and they score a goal off a 2-on-2. They get a win. We're just going to play our game and try to grab back momentum.

Q: Are you happy with the two power play goals in Game 4 or concerned that you came up empty in last five opportunities?

A: It was the key to the game. We had some good chances to get that third goal. Even when it was 2-0, Staal had a great chance. It was getting that third goal. When we didn't get that done in the second period, you could see the momentum change a bit and it turned into a really good game. In the third period, I thought we had the better chances except for a couple of spurts. I thought we battled hard and blocked shots during those spurts, but we were just unable to find that next goal in the two losses that we've had here. I know everybody wants to know what we're going to do, this or that, but we're going to go out and play. We have to practice tomorrow, they're away from the game today. We're going to look at some things as far as really a lot of the good things we've done. We're going to go out and play and try to gain momentum and maybe score two in a row.

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