It was an eventful two days for Erick Monzon. One night before he lined an RBI double in the first All-Star Game of his career Tuesday night, Monzon popped the question to his girlfriend of nearly four years.

The now-engaged 28-year-old resident of Puerto Rico originally was drafted in the 29th round of the 1999 amateur entry draft by the Texas Rangers and played six seasons in the Mariners' organization. In his first year in the Atlantic League, Monzon has spent most of the season at shortstop and is hitting .293 with seven home runs and a team-high 35 RBIs.


What's been the most memorable moment of your career up to this point?

"When I got called up to Double-A, I wasn't expecting it. The manager took me out of the game early because I hit a fly ball into foul territory and I didn't run at all. After the game, he called me into the office and said, 'You are one of the older guys; you need to set the example. That's why I took you out of the game. But I just want to let you know you are going up to Double-A tomorrow.' "

Who's the most intimidating pitcher you've ever faced? "Roger Clemens."

What's your most embarrassing on-field moment? "Making three errors in one inning in my first year in Double-A. One was throwing and the others were fielding at shortstop."

What's something your teammates tease you about? "I shave and probably one or two hours later, the hair is growing back and I have 5 o'clock shadow. They call me a caveman, like in the GEICO commercial."

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