Rex Ryan’s reign as king of HBO’s pot-bellied, potty-mouthed coaches came to an abrupt end when the Capitals’ Bruce Boudreau premiered on the NHL "24/7’’ Wednesday night.

My ears! By the time the hail of curse words was over, Boudreau had made Ryan’s notorious efforts on “Hard Knocks’’ seem as tame as an episode of “Barney.’’

Like Ryan before him in August, Boudreau heard about it from his mother. He even heard about it from Ryan, who joked that he was offended by the language.

The Washington Post counted Boudreau using one particularly naughty word 31 times in the episode, 15 in one between-periods locker room speech alone.

The Post even quoted a tweet of mine after the hour-long show: “If HBO deleted all the F-bombs from its NHL '24/7,' the show would be only a half-hour long.’’

Two excellent takes on the first episode from the Post here and here.

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