I just remembered one of the things I forgot to include in the post below:

The Giants' games against the Jaguars in Week 12, the Eagles in Week 15 and the Packers in Week 16 will not be flexed to prime time. CBS and Fox protected them.

Speaking of the Giants . . . Several long-time scribes in the press box in Seattle noted that the Giants' long, time-eating march in the fourth quarter, which featured a series of just-the-right-length runs by D.J. Ware, was reminiscent of a fourth-quarter drive under similar circumstances that featured a series of runs by Joe Montgomery in the NFC Championship Game against the Vikings on Jan. 14, 2001.

This caused the younger scribes to roll their eyes, saying without actually saying it something to the effect of: There goes grandpa talking about olden times again.

But the drives were extremely similar, indeed, and now there is another historical tie-in: The Giants' quarterback in garbage time in '01 was Jason Garrett, who Sunday will make his NFL head coaching debut against Big Blue.

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