One flaw in CBS' presentation Sunday was that, as usual, the network's wandering eye turned to "60 Minutes" as soon as possible, resulting in a truncated postgame.

For Jets fans outside New York, that was that. But here there was the option of turning to SNY, which offered its usual thorough coverage, including the news conferences of Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez.

Agitated analyst Ray Lucas set the tone early, shouting, "Can I say one thing? Wooooo, baby! Are you kidding me, or what? The same old Jets? Well, you better put it all to bed." 

The highlight again was the locker room video of Ryan addressing the troops.

Here is what he said, with his arm around Sanchez:

"Hey, we already talked about it. We already know what's going to be written, right? Three home teams advance . . . and the ---- Jets!

"Great job. Hey, New York Jet win right there, baby! Ground and pound. It came down to it and we said all right, TJ, run our play. Let's go get that first.

"You knocked their ---- off the ball. Great --- win, guys. Great job."

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