Actress Demi Moore arrives for the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony...

Actress Demi Moore arrives for the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony held Sunday at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. (March 7, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

Monday night's episode of "Costas at the Movies" on MLB Network features "A League of Their Own," with Commack Bob interviewing director Penny Marshall and actress Geena Davis.

MLBN was nice enough to send some excerpted quotes along, especially the first one.

Penny Marshall on Demi Moore almost being cast as Dottie Hinson:

“Demi Moore, I liked, but by the time we came around, she was pregnant. So Bruce [Willis] literally screwed her out of the part.”

Marshall on hiring Madonna:

“I lost a girl who was good because her pilot went for television, so that takes first priority. So I had to look for a hot girl who could dance. … Well, [Madonna] could dance and she’s hot. So, she was on her way to Cannes for ‘Truth or Dare’ to promote that and I said, ‘Well, I can’t wait.’ So she tried out in New York at St. John’s. …  In three hours, the coaches called [and] said, ‘Trainable.’”

Marshall on casting Tom Hanks:

“Tom Hanks came to me and wanted to be in it because he had had some movies that didn’t do so hot.”

Marshall on actresses playing hurt:

“They all played injured. Lori [Petty] had a cast on. Rosie [O’Donnell] had broken fingers…They played their hearts out because they respected these ladies.”

Geena Davis on learning to play baseball:

“Before the movie, I couldn’t play baseball at all…But I got pretty good.”

Davis on who the best player in the cast was:

“Rosie O’Donnell, no doubt. She could actually play.”

Davis on portraying the quirks of a baseball player:

“I made a bit of a study of that kind of thing. I watched a lot of baseball and tried to pick up people’s mannerisms.”

Davis on wearing skirts to play baseball:

“Some of our real cast, from sliding into home, had ripped the skin off their legs. It was nutty.”

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