I have to stop blogging and start writing my newspaper article now, but I no longer can amusingly sign off by telling you to enjoy some obscure offering on ESPN Classic, as the station has migrated to Cablevision's iO Sports Pak from the regular digital package.

It says something about the ongoing disappointment that is ESPN Classic that it took me this long to notice it was gone from my TV.

Cablevision - which owns Newsday - would not comment on why the switch was made, but presumably it was part of the new deal reached with Disney, which finally landed ESPNU on Cablevision's channel lineup.

So, basically, most Cablevision customers traded ESPN Classic for ESPNU.

As a notalgic Baby Boomer, you'd think I would prefer Classic to U. But no. ESPNU has some quality live programming to offer. Classic for too long has provided too little quality archived material and no particular focus.

I'll take the deal.

Enjoy Georgia-Texas softball at 7 p.m. Monday on ESPNU.

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