Here are the official details on the addition of ESPNU to Cablevision, which WatchDog first reported Monday:

The station will be available on iO Channel 144 and in HD on Channel 794. It will start appearing in some locations today and should be available everywhere by Thursday.

Cablevision (which owns Newsday) also announced the additions of other Disney-owned channels to its HD lineup, incuding Disney Channel (on Channel 731), ABC Family (749), Disney XD (750) and ESPNNEWS (796).

The additions to Cablevision's lineup are believed to be part of the March 7 agreement with Disney that returned Channel 7 to Cablevision after a 21-hour absence.

For years, whenever people have asked when ESPNU would come to Cablevision, I told them to check back the next time one of Disney's carriage agreements with the company expired.

Voila! This is the way the modern TV game is played.

In recent years and / or months Cablevision has added Versus, the Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, CBS College Sports and now ESPNU to its digital basic lineup.

(Cablevision owns Newsday.)

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