As someone who was fortunate enough to attend Game 6 of the 1986 World Series and never tires of telling friends, families and random strangers so, I enjoyed speaking to the NBC producer that night, Michael Weisman, about the scene in the production truck.

Here is the story I wrote about it. Weisman is an A-list story teller and I couldn't fit nearly all of his material in the newspaper account.

Here's one quote from the cutting room floor: Weisman said that the high-ranking execs in the back of the truck quickly translated the Mets' victory into the dollar signs - around $9 million in revenue - that would derive from the fact there would be a Game 7.

"Guys already were planning their trips to Aruba as the ball is going through his legs," Weisman said. "They're high-fiving, going wild."

Weisman also said NBC got a big break when Game 7 was rained out the following night, allowing for an extra day of hype.

That meant going against a Redskins-Giants game on "Monday Night Football," but Weisman recalled NBC Sports president Arthur Watson dismissing that as a concern.

"Oh, yeah, I want to take them on," he said.

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