I never have lived or paid taxes in Nassau County, so it's not my place to tell the good people there how to spend their money.

But . . . wow! The fact the big referendum Monday didn't even come close to passing was a pretty bold statement on an aversion to taxes and a less-than-passionate desire to keep the Islanders on Long Island.

Interesting stuff. The only good part of the whole thing is that Newsday has proven again that nobody comes close to covering stories of interest to LIers the way we do.

And no institution comes close to us in serving as a public forum for LIers, as evidenced by the more than 1,200 comments - and growing - on our lead story on the subject today. 

The Islanders' plight has resonated far beyond our shores. This morning the Islanders were trending nationwide on Twitter - not something you see every day.

And in Canada both "Long Island" and "Islanders" were trending.

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