Jerry Seinfeld reacts after he throws a ceremonial first pitch...

Jerry Seinfeld reacts after he throws a ceremonial first pitch before a Mets-Phillies game at Citi Field on July 5, 2019. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

"Jerry from Queens," better known as Jerry Seinfeld, returned to Steve Somers’ WFAN show after a long absence on Monday night, talking baseball, comedy, New York and what Somers called a "fake feud" between the two.

The actor/comedian – who grew up in Massapequa – had been a longtime, occasional guest on Somers’ show until the two had a falling out several years ago.

Well, at least Somers thought of it as a falling out.

He was upset that Seinfeld declined to give him updated contact information for fellow actor/comedian Larry David, who had been on Somers’ show previously, telling Somers that he had overstepped the boundaries of their friendship by asking.

When Newsday informed Seinfeld in March that Somers was upset with him, Seinfeld portrayed the incident as a misunderstanding and promised to be on the show come baseball season.

"I love Mr. Somers; never had a cross word," Seinfeld said through a spokesman. "I prefer to call in during Mets baseball season. My main sports interest.

"Our friendship is for life. What a knucklehead. Watch for ‘Jerry from Queens’ coming very soon to a schmooze near you . . . !"

It happened on Monday, with a 35-minute segment that began with Seinfeld apologizing for offending Somers.

"So good to be back with you in the ‘schmooze’ room," Seinfeld said. "I’m sorry for any misunderstandings or confusion. I missed the feud. I wasn’t listening to the station for a while, and I missed the whole thing."

Seinfeld said he tried to recall what would have prompted him not to give Somers David’s email address and said perhaps he had forgotten that David already had appeared on Somers’ show and enjoyed it.

"In any event, I apologize for how that came off," Seinfeld said.

Seinfeld said he never thought about buying the Mets in the offseason, saying he does not have enough money and adding, "I don’t need more people yelling at me on 79th Street when the Mets are on a losing streak."

He strongly endorsed new owner Steve Cohen’s performance thus far, saying, "What you have now going on in Flushing is a smile culture, an enthusiasm culture."

He said he has visited Citi Field twice so far this season.

As for some of baseball’s new rules, Seinfeld said, "It makes me sick . . . I like 18-inning games." He added, "The DH coming to the NL, I could vomit on the street."

He said one change he would welcome is reducing the frequency with which batters step out of the box during at-bats.

As for the Yankees, Seinfeld seemed to be enjoying their 5-10 start, although he said he has nothing against most Yankees fans.

"There’s only one Yankee fan I cannot bear," he said. "The moist Yankee fan, the wet-eyed, teary Yankee fan, when they talk about the greatness and they get moist when someone passes [away]."

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