View from the back of the first level of seating...

View from the back of the first level of seating at the new Meadowlands stadium. (April 8, 2010) Credit: Joe Epstein

The Giants have been getting oodles of positive publicity as the only NFL franchise not requiring ticket payments until the lockout is resolved.

In the wake of that announcement, I asked Matt Higgins, the Jets' executive VP of business operations, about that team's plans.

"There are 32 different teams in the league and 32 different approaches," he said. "We made some tough choices and came up with a plan we thought was right for us. It stresses flexilbity."

Higgins said there is a required 17 percent first payment, "then the next payments are spread over five more payments into the preseason, for six total payments."

He added, "If an agreement is not reached by June payments are suspended at 50 percent. Even if a deal is reached next month we still will keep the payment plan in place."

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