Wednesday I went to the Garden, then wrote this story about the Liberty putting the Foxwoods name and logo on their jerseys, effective Friday against the Sun.

The highlight for me was my reunion with Liberty coach Anne Donovan, whom I last spoke to at the 1983 Great Alaska Shootout. (She did not remember me.)

Later in the day, I sat down to watch Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals, and like many before me I briefly forgot Versus' channel location (146) and instead landed on the MLB Network (149) . . . just in time for the ninth inning of the Indians-Tigers game.

Oh, my. Here's the Jim Joyce audio if you haven't heard it yet.

Gotta feel bad for the guy. Armando Galarraga did, so why not us? (Joyce was lucky it was Galarraga he cheated out of a perfect game and not Dallas Braden. As I cleverly joked on Twitter, they don't take kindly to blown calls in the 209.)

Meanwhile, back on Versus, the Flyers were granted a goal after replay review, eventually allowing them to get back into the series against the Blackhawks.

Take that, baseball!

Speaking of baseball, enjoy Stephen Strasburg's final minor league start at 1 p.m. on SNY.

Or the Yankees at 1 p.m. on YES.

Unless you have to work or go to school or annoying stuff like that.

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