Mike Francesa's ratings have remained strong even after the departure...

Mike Francesa's ratings have remained strong even after the departure of former "Mike and the Mad Dog" co-host Chris Russo. Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

Mike Francesa's "Mike'd Up" radio show became "Mike's On" Tuesday on WFAN.

The name change was fallout from Francesa leaving the TV version of "Mike'd Up" on Channel 4 last spring.

The television station had rights to the name and chose to hold onto it even after Bruce Beck replaced Francesa, who upon leaving cited a desire for a less crowded schedule.

NBC and CBS Radio were unable to come to an agreement for the radio station to continue using the name. So WFAN chose a new one, complete with a new jingle almost identical to the old one.

In an interview before he announced the change, Francesa said he was not particularly troubled. "I don't think it matters that much," he said.

On the air he said he did not come up with the name but liked it better than other proposed options, "Not bad," he said. "You'll get used to it fast."

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