His frantic fans are still wild about Mike Francesa.

On Wednesday, the WFAN host responded to a listener’s call by going into a dissertation about why a woman would be unfit to coach a men’s team.

On Saturday, approximately 50 women turned out for FrancesaCon, the notoriously male-dominated homage to one of New York’s most famous radio personalities. Co-creator Michael Leboff estimated that, in total, between 700 and 800 people attended the fourth annual event at Irving Plaza in Manhattan.

“There were more women here than ever,” said Ron Haraka, the co-creator of FrancesaCon.

Go figure.

Men and women alike, many outfitted in T-shirts with his likeness and phrases such as “Numbah One” and “Hello Deah,” cheered Francesa when he appeared on stage about midway through the event, sponsored by SeatSwap.

Francesa has appeared at the past three FrancesaCons since it transformed from a bar crawl to an event that packs Irving Plaza. He said that even though his last show at WFAN will be on Dec. 15, FrancesaCon will continue.

“It’s just gotten crazier every year,” Francesa said. “Last year we brought [Chris “Mad Dog” Russo]. This year, I didn’t know what would happen, if it would tail off at all after I brought the Dog last year, but it looks like it’s more crowded than ever. It’s just crazy. I told them this wouldn’t be the last one even though I’ll be leaving the FAN. We’re going to continue it. It’s very good, it’s a lot of fun. It’s amazing how many people turn out. They’re the wildest, most enthusiastic crowd you can ever be in front of, so they’re crazy. All the money goes to charity, so it’s a win-win all the way.”

The event raises money for the Teddy Atlas Foundation, a Staten Island-based organization that provides financial and emotional support for families in need.

As for whether this was in fact the last FrancesaCon, Leboff said it’s possible. “It’s up to Mike,” he said. “Obviously, his situation is pretty fluid, leaving the FAN at the end of the year, so we’re kind of doing this theme as Mike’s going-away party.”

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