The above "60 Minutes" sitdown with future Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is a must watch. This guy already is my all-time favorite Russian oligarch, and the best thing to happen to quotable New York-area owners since George Steinbrenner.

Someone needs to turn his life into a reality series, quick. How do you say "Entourage" in Russian?

Prokhorov has even been exchanging emails with Sandomir of the Times.

(Speaking of the Times and NY-area owners, here's an interesting profile of Woody Johnson from the other day.)

CBS should have invited Prokhorov to join Clark Kellogg and Harry Smith Thursday when they visit the White House to interview and play basketball with President Obama.

Kellogg's interview and the pickup game will be shown Saturday during the network's coverage of the national semifinals.

Here is what the Big O said about Kellogg when he joined him on the air during a Georgetown game in January:

“After retirement I am coming after your job, Clark . I am just letting you know. You either have three more years or seven, I am not sure which. But you need to plan accordingly because I am going to do some play-by-play."

Mike McCarthy of USA Today spoke to Erin Andrews about her contract status at ESPN and learned that her preference is to remain in sports, despite widespread speculation (including here) that her "Dancing With the Stars" gig was a sign she is ready for something else.

Speaking of ESPN, of the 4.8 million completed men's brackets the network received, only 200 had the Final Four correct. (I assume that number would have been much smaller if Baylor had beaten Duke and the referees.)

My only surviving Final Four team is West Virginia, but I like its chances. Mrs. WatchDog, a Duke alum, has the Blue Devils winning it all. Should be an interesting Saturday . . . if I decide to leave the basement that night.

In olden times, when I covered sports, I drove from a regional in Lexington in 1992 to Cincinnati to do a feature on Bob Huggins' squad, which had just shocked the hoops world by qualifying for the Final Four.

That was Huggins' last trip to the national semis before this one. My initial impression of him then: a little scary, just like now.

Mostly, I'm just happy Butler did it, and I'll root for them in the final even if they do meet West Virginia.

Here is Logan's take on the Final Four.

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